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Cell Melodies

Live Experiment on Stem Cells


Our cells generate a seeming infinity of vibrations and sounds that tell of their healthy or diseased state. These vibrations can be conveyed to stem cells to transform them into the mature cells of our body, including cardiac, neural, skeletal muscle, vascular and bone cells. 

Music and words, through the diffusive feature of sound, can reach stem cells where they are, in all tissues of the human body, making these cells capable to orchestrate self-healing processes. 

On the stage, in front of the Audience, in addition to the Artist(s) there will be human adult stem cells within a sophisticated miniaturized incubator that keeps them alive. 

By the aid of a Hyper Spectral Imaging system, we will be able to capture and visualize the subtle changes elicited by the sound (music, words) on stem cell behavior. 

This is a World Premiere, where Artists will perform an unprecedented live experiment. The melodies entailed within the sound of a heartbeat, or the vibrations within the Actor’s words will talk to human stem cells on the stage, to reprogram them to an Ancient ancestral state, like the embryonic one when they were capable of doing everything, disclosing a portal to the Future of Art and human wellbeing. Ancient to the Future is also the title of a documentary directed by William DuVall, frontman musician of Alice in Chains, on Milford Graves’ life. Intriguingly, William DuVall will attend Cell Melodies, as he feels this will be a unique opportunity to add a crucial part to his film. 

Performing Artists:

Milford Graves

Alessandro Bergonzoni

Gianni Gebbia

Nicola Baroni

Percussion Master Class del Conservatorio G.B Martini, Bologna

Yuri Dini

Scientific Collaboration:

Carlo Ventura

Milford Graves

Daniele Gullà

SWITH laboratory


Julia von Stietencron

Chizu Kobayashi

Vincenzo Scorza

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