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Sacred Symbol. Representation of the spine

and vital fluids.

Symbol of stability and eternal life.

Zed is an illumino-textile interactive

installation, aiming at representing, by the

aid of particular sensors, the multifaceted

patterns of our cardiac rhythm.

You will be part of the artwork as explorers

and not as observers.

Each explorer will contribute as an individual

or as part of a network to compose a

chromatic transfiguration of the textile

artwork, mirroring our ability to perceive life

through the heart.

A sound carpet will help explorers to

modulate their cardiac rhythms, moving from

distorted and stressing soundscapes to

harmonic and meditative acoustics.

Besides representing the heart rate variability,

the artwork will also act as a multisensory

place, capable of donating harmony and

coherence to our hearts.

Installation: Julia von Stietencron

research activity:

VID art|science

eletronics and interaction: Marco Tausel ( Multiphysix Lab)

acoustic installation:

Maurizio Villa ( Sonolab)

acoustic consultant:

Vera Brandes 


Sposor: Marchesini Group

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